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If you've ever wondered how someone becomes homeless...

Although we hope the shutdown will end soon, we are taking no chances. We expect this continued crisis to add to the already large number of individuals and families needing help. We've contacted other organizations to partner with us and voiced our concern to Governor Whitmer's office and were assured her office would be a help if needed. 

Our concern is how the partial government shutdown has and will affect those in need in our service area. Should the shutdown continue much longer, we are preparing a "plan of action" as some federal agencies have already shut down services that are detrimental to some.

The shutdown puts the already vulnerable at a greater risk. Our hearts pour out for those federal workers who are not working or working and not receiving ANY pay. Our organization lends our support to them, but of course, our immediate concern is the tri-county area we serve daily.

Join us as we prepare to put our plan of action in place in addition to and in case we need to act on it.  

What you can do to help?

  • If you have ANY information or resource to help someone, post it to our Facebook page
  • Direct anyone in need to us
  • Save and donate food, toiletries and clothing items
  • Make a monetary donation 
  • Volunteer your time 


Building Dreams and Changing Lives

Our focus has always been providing help out of homelessness. By empowering displaced individuals and  families with all necessary information, resources, programs and services we can position them into the role self-sufficiency. With help from our donors and volunteers, we promote healthy, stable living.






Delivering the Dream


Through partnerships with other businesses and organizations, the focus of Project: HOMEBASE is entrepreneurship and home ownership which we believe is a gain for community, families and individuals.    


Bingo Night


All are welcome! Join us for fun prizes and meet new friends. All proceeds support our mission.

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GTL Youth Camp


Support our youth camp by sponsoring a child.  Children learn how to eat and cook healthy foods and vegetables . Kids also learn first hand how food is grown through  field trips and hands on gardening.




Pay it forward with volunteer time. We always need your help!


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