Impacting the Community

The Mission Center exists as a warming center and resource center. We provide experienced, responsible and effective solutions to help individuals and families emerge from homelessness and other barriers as productive, healthy people. Also provided is adult and youth programs and services, job assistance, domestic training (planning/budgeting and caring for household) and case management. Drop in services include use of bathrooms, computer, telephone, address, rescue transportation and other supportive services.

Thrift Ministry


An expression of The Philip House Mission’s concern for people in need, this ministry provides for the distribution of donated clothing and small household appliances for families, those in transition, re-entry into the workforce, or any person with an identifiable need. 

Feeding the Needy

The Philip House Mission is committed to reaching out to the hungry with both physical and spiritual nourishment. Often times, we address a chronic lack of food. It’s a situation often seen. 

More News

New Business

In an effort to sustain funding, we've launched two new for profit businesses that will generate new capital. Consumers are given the first opportunity for hire

Upcoming Events

We're excited to to announce new services that will be available beginning January 2019. Some services include notary public services, new team members, new programs and more! Stay tuned.

It Takes A Village

We have gotten radical in our search to find solutions to homelessness. We've reached out to more property owners for help with Project:HOMEBASE. 




Homeless to Homeowner







Housing Support Services


Housing Placement Assistance and Referral Services:

  • Assist eligible clients in connecting with available housing and identifying housing resources.
  • Assist eligible clients with applying for rental subsidies and other financial assistance needed to assist with their housing placement.
  • Assists participating clients by advocating on their behalf with landlords and property owners.
  • Refers participating clients to additional supportive services.
  • Maintains contact with participating clients for 90 days to assure housing is secure and maintained.

Non-Intensive Housing Case Management

  • Provide case management services to increase consumer’s capacity to live independently and self sufficiently.
  • Assist eligible clients in sustaining their stability by teaching household management and financial literacy.
  • Refers participating clients to additional supportive services.
  • Advocate for participating clients to receive safe and appropriate housing, and educate the clients on how to advocate for themselves.
  • Teach and refer clients to homeownership courses
  • Provide opportunities for homeownership

Become a Holiday Angel

 There's such a reward in helping others. Become a Holiday Angel by adopting a family. If you simply don’t have time to shop, let us do it for you! You can still be an Holiday Angel by making a tax-deductible donation  Join us in helping families have a wonderful holiday season.  

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